#25infive readathon || April 2018

2018-04-09 21.42.28

Last Thursday at 12am the #25infive readathon started. It’s a readathon where you try to read for 25 hours over a total of five days – emphasis on “try”. When I started I thought “oh, that’s about five hours a day, I can manage that!”, and then life came in the way (luckily, in a fun way!)

From Thursday to Sunday I have read for about 8 hours in total, with Thursday being my best day with 3 hours! The past weekend I was quite busy with cleaning the garden, visiting family and shopping, so I didn’t spend a lot on reading. While writing this post it’s Monday 9:50pm, and I hope to get at least an hour of reading done (yay for afternoon shifts at work!), so I will have read a total of 9 hours for #25infive and I’m kinda impressed. I’ve never timed myself on how much time I spend on reading per day, but I think this is close to what I read on an average day – about 2 hours.

Although I didn’t manage to read 25 hours (which also isn’t really the goal of this readathon somehow, it’s mainly about having fun reading and challenging yourself a little), I still love this readathon because of its challenge. Instead of wasting my time on my phone or just staring into the void, I urged myself to pick up my book and read a little, if only for ten minutes! I’ll definitely join again next time and try to reach even more hours of reading!

Did you join #25infive? How many hours have you managed to read? Will you join next time?

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