March book haul

2018-03-28 12.56.26

Some weeks ago I broke my longer book buying ban to buy The Exorcist for the read along (hosted by Jo @jobis89) in April! I just couldn’t let that one pass and Jo hosts the best readalongs!

The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty

Father Damien Karras: ‘Where is Regan?’
Regan MacNeil: ‘In here. With us.’

The terror begins unobtrusively. Noises in the attic. In the child’s room, an odd smell, the displacement of furniture, an icy chill. At first, easy explanations are offered. Then frightening changes begin to appear in eleven-year-old Regan. Medical tests fail to shed any light on her symptoms, but it is as if a different personality has invaded her body.

Father Damien Karras, a Jesuit priest, is called in. Is it possible that a demonic presence has possessed the child? Exorcism seems to be the only answer…

First published in 1971, The Exorcist became a literary phenomenon and inspired one of the most shocking films ever made. This edition, polished and expanded by the author, includes new dialogue, a new character and a chilling new extended scene, provides an unforgettable reading experience that has lost none of its power to shock and continues to thrill and terrify new readers.

The citation on the cover promises that it’s the most terrifying novel ever written and I’m READY. I just love creepy exorcism stories so I can’t wait to finally read one of the most popular novels on this topic!

The read along will take all April, so you can expect my full review on The Exorcist somewhere at the end of coming month!

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