10 things I do to relax

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Everyone who knows me, knows that I’m easily stressed out. Over the years I have tried some things that help me to relax and today I want to discuss ten things that help me to get the stressful thing of my mind the best!

1. Listen to music

It really depends on your music taste which music helps you to relax. When I need some calmth around me I always put on an album by Ludovico Einaudi – especially Elements and Una Mattina help! I just love listening to “Night” from the Elements album and just zone out for a bit.

2. Make a calming cup of tea

Every time I had a presentation for uni and/or needed a good night of sleep I made a pot of the Snore and Peace tea from Clipper Tea. It contains chamomile and lavender, which are both known for their calming effects. I still like to sit down with a cuppa and look forward to snoring in peace.

3.Read a little

Preferably an easy-to-read, feel-good novel. Just so that you can escape from this world and forget about that one stressful thing for a moment.

4. Take a shower/bath

I always find it so relaxing to take a shower in the evening or at night. The world slows down and so should you. Because you can’t have your phone with you in the shower (or anything else, really), it’s just you and your thoughts. Let them come and go.

Unfortunately, I don’t own a bath, but I think an evening shower could perfectly be replaced by a bath!

5. Talk to a friend

When something’s bothering me, I talk about it with my boyfriend Pieter. This always helps me to look at it from another point of view instead of only my own, which is quite often not that rational when I’m stressed.

6. Organise stuff

Like your desk or your bookcase(s)! Maybe the order you create on your desk will help you to order your thoughts as well.

7. Cuddle with a pet

Preferably one that doesn’t (want to) run away. Also: simply sitting with a pet while reading does the trick for me!

8. Sketch out your day

If I’m stressed out by a busy day I always make a schedule for it. Put all your plans and chores on paper and tick them off when you’re done. It’s the best feeling ever!

9. Play a video game or watch an easy, happy TV series

This is perfect to take your mind off that stressful event/thought that you really can’t change anything about! Just … disappear for a while and be happy while you do it! (recommendations: the Sims for a game and New Girl for a TV series!)

10. Post about it on your blog/instagram

I have to say – this isn’t for everyone (because I know privacy is great!) and no, you don’t have to put your whole life story on there (I don’t, although it may seem like it from time to time). A small post or story on IG that you’re feeling a bit down in the dumps or that you’re nervous will do! Just to get it out there and out of your mind for a second. Maybe you’ll get some uplifting messages or comments to let you know that you’re not alone and that there are people you can talk to!

These tips might not work for every person and/or reason to be stressed – these are just my experiences! I hope they are helpful!!

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  1. I’m having a stressful day, not that I have to do a lot I’m just still stressed haha. And I literally saw this list and compared it to the plans for my da​​y. They are almost completely the same haha!

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