This or that?

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I’ve been wanting to do this “tag” for quite a while now, and so I went onto the world wide web and found a couple of questions (to which I added some of my own) that will make me choose between this or that – all book related!

Paperback or hardback?

I personally prefer paperbacks, because I like a comfy reading experience. That means bending the book a little here and there (sorry folks). For the aesthetic I’d choose hardback, though, but I think every bookworm would do so!

Fiction or non-fiction?

If I was sent to a deserted island, for unknown reasons, and could choose to bring only fiction, or only non-fiction, I would choose fiction! My love for reading mainly consists of being able to escape from this, sometimes scary, world and fiction is just the best for that!

Bookshop or online?

I know I should choose otherwise, but … online! They just have much more bargains there than in the physical bookshop and also a much bigger choice of books! Also, although I live in the Netherlands, I prefer reading English books and the english sections in the bookstores in my neighbourhood are just too small most times!

Standalone or book series?

This is a tough one. I really like the commitment of a series, but I always catch myself giving up on a series halfway through. Most times I like the first books in series best anyways! So, what would I choose? Maybe a series that consists of books that could also be read as standalones?

Horror or romance?

Ooooff. If I was, again, sent to a deserted island and had to choose between horror and romance I’d choose … horror. With the horror genre you can just make up so many more stories than with an only romance genre. But this is tough! Maybe horror with a bit of romance in it? (I know, I’m such a bad decision maker and this one is kind of in conflict with my post on my favourite genres)

Inside or outside reader?

Inside all the way. I’m really someone who has to be really comfortable while reading and outside reading spots just don’t always do it for me and, somehow, it’s never the perfect weather for outside reading. Or maybe my garden needs some drastic changes, which I think is actually the case.

So, that was it for now! I think I’ll do another one another time. Now I’m curious about your answers on these this or that‘s – tell me in the comments!

6 thoughts on “This or that?

  1. Love your answers, Romi! I fully agree on your answer to the bookshop or online question. Although the bookstores in Antwerp where I live close to have a wider selection of English books than most towns and cities here in Belgium, I’d still choose online because the prices are more affordable and I’m able to buy MORE books. LOL

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    1. Thank you 😊 That sounds so good! I’d love to support the local bookshops, but unfortunately I just can’t afford it if I also want to buy tons of books 😂


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