4 reasons why I’m currently on a (long) book buying ban

2018-02-18 15.13.44

Lately I have noticed a big change in my book buying habit. Where I previously bought any book I thought I might like, I haven’t bought any books in 2018 so far. This is partly because I’m taking part in the #theunreadshelfproject2018, but also because of many other reasons. Today’s post is dedicated to those reasons!

1. Getting through my TBR became a chore instead of fun

One day I sat down and wrote down all the unread books I still had on my shelves. I came up with more than 120 books. 120 UNREAD BOOKS. In 2017 I managed to read 95 books, so it would take me more than a year to get through all the unread books on my shelves. At that time I was still buying books as if books would be extinct in a month, so it was only getting more and more. And more. I became a bit scared of my TBR, mainly because it would take me more than a year of my life to read them all! And a lot of books I didn’t even buy because I thought they would be fun, but because I thought I needed to read them. Instead of looking forward to read all the books, I became a little stressed out from only thinking about it.

2. My book hoarding got out of hand

As I mentioned earlier: I hoarded books like my life depended on it. I bought books because I wanted to own them – I didn’t need them. I could also have borrowed all those books from the library, because I already knew of some of them that I would read only them once or that I might not even like them. That’s crazy! Still, I bought them. Now I have all these books that I have only read once and of which I already know I won’t read them again.

3. I dream of having read ALL the books on my shelves

I can’t wait for the day I have read all the books on my shelves. This way I can start afresh – that must be such a great feeling! I remember my library days like it was yesterday (I don’t own a library card at the moment. I mean, I have my personal library at home now right?). I also remember the feeling I got from choosing about six books to check out and looking forward to actually read them. Man, that was the best feeling in the world! Six new worlds for you to discover and after you’ve read them you can … just bring them back. And if you don’t like them: they won’t take up any usable space after you’ve brought them back! Yep, I can’t wait to feel like 7-year-old Romi again!

Now, when I buy a book, I have so many other books that have been on my TBR for way too long and that I have to read first. This way, the excitement over the book I just bought fades before I even open it!

4. My wallet thanks me

This may be the most important reason – I now have money to spend on other things, like clothing! Previously, all the money I had left after I payed my rent and food, went to books. I didn’t really buy new – durable – clothing anymore, although that’s also something I love to do!

Don’t get me wrong – I still love new books. It’s just that, in my opinion, it all got out of hand. I just didn’t enjoy the act of reading as much as I used to – when I could still read a book right after I bought/borrowed it and my excitement over the new book was still fresh!

Do you also ban yourself from buying books every now and then?

11 thoughts on “4 reasons why I’m currently on a (long) book buying ban

  1. Our budget is pretty tight right now so I’ve been on book buying ban for awhile now, and am slowly making my way through my TBR (though I still have about 40 left). I think the best part has been the freedom to read new books sooner rather than later (I still get books for holidays of course – my family knows me well!).

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    1. It does! Making a change in the way you spend your money can really be nice every once in a while 🙈 (although I’d love be a permanent subscriber to The Nocturnal Reader’s Box 🙊)


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