The Nocturnal Reader’s Box (January) || Unboxing

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It’s time for my unboxing of January’s The Nocturnal Reader’s Box. Prepare to be blown away by its amazing contents!

About The Nocturnal Reader’s Box

Jessica and Vincent are the founders of the Nocturnal Book  Box. We are a Veteran owned company that simply loves everything dark! We decided to create this opportunity for our customers for the  same reason that many other small businesses are started every year, we  wished that something like this existed. Because the book boxes that are  out there currently are ones that involve only Young Adult, we decided  that everyone should be able to get a book box that has a bit of mature  content and items that are not coated in glitter. That’s when we began  sourcing ideas and publishers. We pitched the idea to many of our  friends and family and the response was overwhelmingly positive. We  could not believe that no one had thought of doing this yet. We have  been working tirelessly to curate the perfect items for our boxes, and  made sure that every item that is put into the box is usable. Thank you  for your support and we hope to build a great community around The Nocturnal Reader’s Box. 

This month’s box included:

(click the photo’s for more details!)

  • NRB socks based on Rosemary’s Baby by Ira Levin
  • A key chain based on The Devil Crept In by Ania Ahlborn
  • A bookmark with a recipe for “Momma Morrow’s Meat Stew”, based on Brother by Ania Ahlborn
  • Two creepy Poe coasters
  • A Poe-bat-cat pin!
  • Art work titled “Swan” by @willemannart, based on Swan Song by Robert McCammon
  • A Bates Motel magnet, based on Psycho by Robert Bloch

Aren’t these goodies just the coolest? Vincent and Jessica manage to blow me away every. single. time. I love it that they design lots of the goodies themselves! And although I haven’t (yet) read all the books that the contents are based on, I do want to read them all because of this box!

Now onto the books!

This box included two thin books. A previous release, Hell Hound by Ken Greenhall, and a recently released book, Everything That’s Underneath by Kristi DeMeester. The last one is even signed!

Hell Hound by Ken Greenhall

‘What are the possibilities of my strength? That is a thought I have never had before. What if some morning as the old woman stood at the head of the staircase she were suddenly to feel a weight thrusting against the back of her legs? What if she were to lunge forward, grasping at the air, striking her thin skull against the edge of a stair? What would become of me if she were found unmoving at the bottom of the stairway?’

Such are the thoughts of Baxter, a sociopathic bull terrier on the hunt for the perfect master, as he contemplates the demise of his first victim. The basis for the acclaimed 1989 film Baxter, Ken Greenhall’s utterly chilling and long-unobtainable Hell Hound (1977) has earned a reputation as a lost classic of horror fiction. This first-ever reissue includes a new introduction by Grady Hendrix.

Everything That’s Underneath by Kristi DeMeester

Everything That’s Underneath, Kristi DeMeester’s debut powerful horror collection, is full of weird, unsettling tales that recalls the styles of such accomplished storytellers as Laird Barron and Tom Piccirilli.

Crawl across the earth and dig in the dirt. Feel it. Tearing at your nails, gritty between your teeth, filling your nostrils. Consume it until it has consumed you. For there you will find the voices that have called from the shadows, the ones that promise to cherish you only to rip your body to shreds.

In Everything That’s Underneath, Kristi DeMeester explores the dark places most people avoid. A hole in an abandoned lot, an illness twisting your loved one into someone you don’t recognize, lust that pushes you farther and farther until no one can hear yours cry for help. In these 18 stories the characters cannot escape the evil that is haunting them. They must make a choice: accept it and become part of what terrifies them the most or allow it to consume them and live in fear forever.

February’s box:

The Forces of Evil

Feat. Jay Anson

Dan Simmons

Nick Cutter

Stephen Graham Jones

Scott Smith

& more.

Including “S”, by Koji Suzuki featuring a special essay (riddle) from the author exclusive to our subscribers!

Don’t miss out on February’s box and make sure to use my code NOCTURNALROMI for 15% off your month-to-month- or 3-month subscription! There are still some boxes left, so hurry up!

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