All of You by Lindsay Detwiler || Review

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Title: All of You
Author(s): Lindsay Detwiler
No. of pages: 200
Genre: Romance, New Adult
Publication date: January 2018
Date read: January 2nd 2018
4.75/5 ★


There’s no such thing as impossible when it comes to saving the one who holds your heart.

A sexy doctor who’s restricted by expectations.
A quirky poet who’s defined by her dark past.
All it takes is Alex Evans saving Marley Jade one fateful night for their futures to be realigned. And when a passion sparks between them, they must decide if they can piece each other back together and make love work.


Finally, a romance story without all the unnecessary dramatic actions! When I read a love story I have at least one point of agitation when it comes to the actions of the main characters – they think they’re not good enough for the other and so they just think it’s best to quit the relationship altogether. They make an assumption about the other and, without starting a conversation about it, they just end it! In my experience, that’s not a good foundation for a relationship. So, yes, I was so very happy with both Marley and Alex as the lovebirds in All of You. The love between them felt real and grounded. It was like reading about my feelings for Pieter and our relationship that’s mainly founded on trust and friendship. Instead of taking rigorous actions, Marley and Alex decided to talk about it with each other when they felt they needed it. I loved to read a romance story that didn’t need drama or lots of steamy scenes in order to be entertaining and lovely to read.

Unfortunately, the book was only 200 pages long – I wanted SO much more!! I loved reading about Alex, Marley, Margaret and Joe. Marley was a tough and inspirational woman and Alex the sweetest man! And can I please just have a couple like Margaret and Joe living next to me?

I could’ve easily read 200 more pages of this story set in what seems like the perfect small town Rosewood – it was simply a lovely read.

* an ecopy of this book was kindly sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review *

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