How I organise my desk

2018-01-13 13.24.25

Yesterday Pieter and I, once again, went to IKEA. And, once again, we ended up buying more than we actually needed to. I had in mind to only buy a pen holder and a box to put in all my other stationery, but I walked out of the store with a board and other equipment to organise my desk. Above you can see the final result and although I spent money I didn’t actually have, I’m very happy with my purchase!

Ever since I was little I liked to organise stuff in boxes and drawers. Everything had its own place and looking at an organised desk could make me quite happy! So, I think you can imagine how happy I can get when I look at my organised desk now. Instead of having tons of pen holders and boxes on top of my desk I now have space for those on the wall! This board is one of the most genius things I have seen at IKEA and you can make it entirely your own! The base is the board with the holes and besides that you can get a lot of different holders, clips, little shelves, bags and so on to hang on the board. And when you’re tired of the way they hang at one moment, you can have easily reorganised them the next! Everything (the board, the pen holder, the little shelf, the two clips and the three containers) you can see in the picture below I got for only €25!

2018-01-13 13.24.29

I use the three containers to organise my washi tape, sticky notes and (paper)clips. The pen holder is for, obviously, pens. The little shelf with the cacti is something that I’ll use for decorations/knick knacks, to make it more than just a stationery board, and I hope to soon have some photo’s/prints to put in the two bigger clips!

Besides the board I also bought bookstands to keep my non-fiction/creative/journal books all together on my desk! I have books on drawing; on handlettering; on how to keep your own (bullet) journal and just inspirational books like The Wish List by Barbara Ann Kipfer.

Are you a stationery nerd as well? What’s your favourite way to organise them?

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