Birthday haul!

2018-01-08 15.07.24

For those who didn’t know, last Thursday, January 4th, was my birthday. I turned 23!! Time’s flying by so very fast! It only seems like a year ago that I turned 20 (I’m afraid you’ll hear me say this until the day I die). This post is dedicated to the wonderful gifts I got!

What I got for my birthday:

  • A “sky blue” Kånken backpack! – I’ve wanted one for years and Pieter gave me one for my birthday! Choosing the colour was quite hard, because all of the colours were just perfect. This one will be replacing my sturdy 11-year-old red Eastpack.
  • I also got the illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban from Pieter *all the hearteyes*. It’s SO GORGEOUS!
  • The complete blue-ray box of the Harry Potter films from Pieter’s brother, Jens and his girlfriend Michaëla! Now I can finally watch the films whenever I want!!
  • Everything I need to start bullet journaling again – a crash course book on bullet journaling, a toolkit (with fineliners and washitape) and of course … a bullet journal! I got this from my Mom and her partner Pieter and it’s the perfect start of a new year. Now only to get over my perfectionism and actually dare to start in my new bullet journal.
  • The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking from my Dad! This little book has been on my wishlist for so long!
  • The Eight Mountains by Paolo Cognetti from my Dad’s partner Frederike – it looks so stunning and it’s discussed on the telly a lot (I’ve heard)!
  • Cute socks and slippers from my big sis!
  • Eyeliner and chocolate from my lil sis!
  • A bike from Pieter’s parents!! My old one was literally falling apart and I was afraid of breaking it and arriving too late for work every time! Now I have a new (secondhand) one and it’s perfect.
2018-01-08 15.07.50
The Kånken backpack and everything to start a bullet journal!
2018-01-08 15.07.31
Cute socks and slippers!
2018-01-08 15.07.56
The complete boxset of all the Harry Potter films!!

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