Act One, Scene One – Murder by A.H. Richardson || Review

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Title: Act One, Scene One – Murder
Author(s): A.H. Richardson
No. of pages: 278
Genre: Murder mystery
Publication date: June 23rd 2016
Date read: December 30th 2017
4/5 ★


Talk about drama! To celebrate the opening of his new play, the playwright invites the entire cast to his mysteriously medieval mansion for a gala dinner. As the curtain rises on this festive feast, a scene of chaos occurs when the leading man is murdered. Who could have done it? And why? Old friends – Inspector Stan Burgess, Actor Berry Beresford, and Sir Victor Hazlitt – question an outlandish cast of frightened actors and household staff. The plot thickens with yet another murder occurs, and the intrigue continues until…


Oh, how I love a slow-burning detective story! There’s not that many action in this story, but that’s just how I like my murder mysteries. However, it felt like it took quite long before the actual crime was committed … And before it finally took place not a lot of importance happened other than introducing the characters. In Murder in Little Shendon (the first book in the series on Sir Victor Hazlitt and actor Beresford Brandon) the murder took place in the first chapter so the suspense was immediate! Because of this I thought the structure of this book would be the same, but no. Luckily, this didn’t take anything away of the thrill of Act One!

There were a lot of different characters and not all of them got the spotlight often enough for me to actually suspect them. The amount of characters also made it that I had difficulties with telling some of the characters apart from one another. Nevertheless, I loved seeing some of the characters from Murder in Little Shendon back in this story, like Lady Armstrong – gotta love that woman!

Act One, Scene One – Murder was a murder mystery with a typical motive to commit a murder. I hoped for a creative ending, but unfortunately I didn’t get one. But besides the tiny (really tiny) problems I had with this book, I really enjoyed reading it! The main characters are fun to read about; the story gives me all the British murder mystery feels  and the story just flows until the murderer is caught by the collar. I’m curious about where Sir Victor Hazlitt and Beresford Brandon find themselves next!

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Kelsey from Book Publicity Services! *

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