Tobacco Sun by Lorna Hollifield || Review


Title: Tobacco Sun
Author: Lorna Hollifield
No. of pages:
Genre: Psychological thriller, Historical fiction
Publication date: 
June 13th 2017
Date read: December 8th 2017
5/5 ★


The year is 1947. The war is over, Jackie Robinson has just integrated baseball, and Frank Sinatra breezes in over the fuzzy airwaves. A sense of relief is finally sweeping the nation…everywhere except Tobaccoville, North Carolina.

Beyond the rural fields that are pregnant with decades of secrets, a mysterious Hollywood pin-up is jailed for murder while her facially birthmarked half-sister may hold the answers as to why.

The two girls, estranged for years, share a haunting past, a shell-shocked love interest, and maybe even a cruel destiny. Through mountains of lies, the truth that inevitably comes pouring out of the tobacco leaves will come to light. Will this light reveal the path to the siblings’ foreordained destruction, or their long-awaited deliverance? Will they realize they each hold the power to set the other free before it’s too late?

A story of heritage, hurt, and somehow, hope; Tobacco Sun keeps you on the edge of your seat while you find yourself rooting for redemption.


My oh my, this was such a wonderful book! The writing style was so very beautiful, but unfortunately I only discovered that after I was already 80+ pages into the book. Realising the beauty of the writing I really wanted to go back to see what beautiful sentences and descriptions I’d missed. Not having the time to reread the first 80 pages kept me from doing so, but I certainly had more attention for the details from then on!

“That’s the funny thing about the past. It seems that it has long spiny fingers that can reach out and stroke you from anywhere, at anytime. I think that’s what that feeling is when the hair on the back of my neck stands up on a warm day, or a cold chill comes across me from nowhere; it’s the past reaching out, in that eerily ticklish way it does, to say an unwelcomed hello.”

When you don’t pay attention to the details, this book is still a joy to read! There are three different time zones: the time before the murder, the time the murder took place and the “now”. Sometimes I thought I was reading about one time in the past, but I was actually reading about the “now”. After I knew the structure and the characters of the story a little better, and wasn’t confused anymore, I began to really love this book.

Because of these different times, the story may seem a little slow. A lot happens, but then also not much at the same time. You only get to know fragments and hints of the whole story, which will eventually, of course, all fall into place and you finally get to know the whole story. And man, what a story it was! The memories of the main characters start somewhat superficial, but eventually reach to the very bone of Sydra and Jimmi-Lyn. This made me not exactly liking Sydra, the narcissistic actress, at first, but learning to love her as I read on.

Before I started reading Tobacco Sun I didn’t really know what to expect of it. Now that I have (finally) read it, I actually just want to reread it. The characters have really grown on me and felt like friends in the end. So, finishing the book felt like losing a couple of friends.

I definitely look forward to read more stories written by Lorna Hollifield!

I received an ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review *

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