The Snowman by Jo Nesbø || Review

2017-11-14 13.02.49

Title: The Snowman
Author: Jo Nesbø
No. of pages:
Genre: Nordic Noir, Mystery, Crime
Publication date:
Date read: November 9th 2017
5/5 ★


Soon the first snow will come

A young boy wakes to find his mother missing. Outside, he sees her favourite scarf – wrapped around the neck of a snowman.

And then he will appear again

Detective Harry Hole soon discovers that an alarming number of wives and mothers have gone missing over the years.

And when the snow is gone…

When a second woman disappears, Harry’s worst suspicion is confirmed: a serial killer is operating on his home turf.

…he will have taken someone else


First, I have to admit that I’m dreading to write this review. I find it hard to do the book justice with a review, because I absolutely loved it. The book is 550 pages long and the 7th book in a series on policeman Harry Hole. Quite a lot goes on in this thriller, so I find it difficult to put my thoughts into words. However, of course, I will try to make sense!

Another thing I have to admit is that I have seen the movie in theatre before reading the book. I just couldn’t help myself! I loved the film, but I loved the book even more (duh). The book just has so much more to it than the film! Nevertheless, I totally understand why they made the film the way it is. Otherwise Pieter and I could simply have sat in the theatre for a whole day, instead of the now two hours! Also, the unfolding of the story as portrayed in the book was all still a big surprise to me although I’d seen the film first!

One thing I love about (psychological) thrillers like The Snowman are the details.Because of these details, every single little thing falls into place when you reach the ending of the 2017-11-14 13.02.44book. That’s also the case with The Snowman. There are a lot of details in the story, and because of those, you could actually figure out who’s the Snowman yourself! I think when I’d read The Snowman for a second time, I’ll pick up many more clues as to who’s dunnit (although, now I already know of course) that I missed this first time.

I was simply HOOKED. Nesbø throws the reader from one suspect to another. Like I said earlier: this story has so much to it and there were so many hints that I sometimes found myself lost in it. In a goodway – I managed to read this book in only 3-4 days! Quite the achievement for me and I didn’t even have to force myself to read on, it just happened! The story really had me in its grip and I’m definitely looking forward to read more books on Harry Hole!

Last note: I really want to visit Norway after reading The Snowman. From what I read it seemed like one big winter wonderland. Let’s just hope I won’t encounter any snowmen when I visit …

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