How I edit my instagram photo’s

2017-10-07 16.03.32Lately I get a lot of questions about how I edit my photo’s and what filters I use. I think you all are SO very sweet for asking (and complimenting my photography and editing skills with that!), but having to repeat it over and over and over … well, let’s just say that I’m not always in the mood to do so. So I thought, why not make a blogpost about it, so I can refer you to it in the future, because I do want to help you out! Here it goes!

The average instagram photo takes about 30-45 mins for me to post. From picking out the books, taking the photo with my camera, to posting it on my feed.

Most of my inspiration for photo’s I get from the people I follow on instagram, Pinterest or just … my own imagination (mostly the last, to be honest). When thinking about how to portray a book best, I think about what would make it attractive to me. I love looking at bookish photo’s that are cozy and that represent a reading habit or just the way you would find a book inside the home of an avid reader! This means mugs with coffee/tea/chai lattes, cookies, open or closed books, blankets, candles, pillows and some props for decoration (like a pinecone or … my hand!) I found that the place with the best lighting is the couch in our living room. And as you could’ve seen in my post “Top 5: Reading Spots”, that’s also the place where I read the most! So, most photo’s on my instagram are taken in that exact spot.

Now onto the photographing, editing and posting!

What I use:

  • My Canon EOS 1100D SLR camera
  • My laptop
  • My iPhone
  • The VSCO app
  • The Moldiv app
  • The Instagram app

Normally I start with dragging the books from my shelf in the living room (with the most photogenic books) to the couch, a distance of about 1-2 meter!! After putting the book and props in a nice composition I take the photo. Most times I take about 5-10 of the “same” photo’s, just in case one turns out too blurry or tilted. After, I transfer the photo from my camera to my laptop, where I choose the best ones and those I send to my iPhone via Telegram.

Once I saved the photo’s on my phone I open the VSCO app first. I choose the photo and add the M3 filter (+6) and this is also the app where I crop my photo’s and adjust the lighting if needed. After doing so I save the edited photo on my phone and I open the Moldiv app for the grain/dust filter. The filter I use in this last app is the grain filter GR2 and the intensity can vary from +50 to +75. Finally, I save the dusty photo again and then I open the Instagram app and post it!

The times when I generally post on instagram are 11:00 and/or 20:00. Sometimes I post earlier or later, but I noticed that my posts generate the most traffic around these times!

Some before and after examples:

I hope this post was helpful. If you still have any questions: please, feel free to ask!

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