The Book Matchmaker || A Blind Date with a Book #1

2017-09-25 10.13.02

Recently I was chosen as a rep for the lovely business The Book Matchmaker, located in Shrewsbury, UK. Last Thursday I received my first bookish blind date and Saturday I was finally able to peek inside the gorgeous wrapping! Read further to discover what book I’ll have a blind date with soon!

This first rep package consisted of a blind date, based on the genre of the book. I chose, obviously, for the genre Crime Thriller! As you can see in the picture above, the four words describing the book were: Missing, Marriage, Secrets and Twist. When I showed these in my Instagram story, some people thought it had to be Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, which I’d be very happy with. Can you guess what book it is, without peeking down below?

Talking about the picture above: do you see that beautiful wrapping? I love that every wrapping is different, so it feels very personal. Every single one of the wrappings is just stunning, and the current theme is Autumn, which is right up my street! There are some video’s on The Book Matchmaker’s instagram, where Katy shows how she wraps the books and it sure is worth to take a look!

And now … the book!

2017-09-25 10.12.55

When I slowly opened the wrappings, I soon discovered that it wouldn’t be Gone Girl. All I could see at first glance were the words “next door”, so that was already promising! And when I finally unwrapped the whole book, I was very happy with the book I saw. It’s called The Couple Next Door and it’s written by Shari Lapena. I’ve been eyeing this book every time I walked in a bookstore lately and now I have it in my hands. The blurb sounds sounds very promising and thrilling, so I can’t wait to sit down and enjoy my date with my new book!

You can also enjoy your own blind date with a book! If you decide to do so and purchase from The Book Matchmaker, don’t forget to use my code BOOKMATCHREP10 for 10% off!! The package contains a blind book date, that you either choose by four words or a genre, a hot drink (coffee, tea or hot chocolate) and a love letter from your book. There’s also a lovely gift box available, so definitely check that out as well!

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