The Leftover by Brooke Williams || Review


Title: The Leftover
Author: Brooke Williams
No. of pages:
Genre: Romance
Publication date: 
September 1st 2017
Date read: September 7th 2017
3.5/5 ★


A reserved wallflower discovers that reality TV is the perfect backdrop to develop her confidence in this lighthearted rom-com. Megan Malone is the ultimate homebody. When her sister talks her into going on The Leftover, a local version of the TV show Survivor, she isn’t sure she’ll make it past the first vote. Meanwhile, Cane Trevino is nursing a broken heart by joining the show as a medic. With time away from his regular job and a dozen contestants to distract him, he hopes he can finally get over the woman he thought was “the one.”


I have mixed feelings about this book. On the one hand I really liked reading it, but on the other hand I’m afraid it won’t stick for that long … Let’s start with some down sides, so I can end on a positive note!

I thought the “love at first sight” between Megan and Cane was a little unrealistic, because Megan was supposed to be the huge nerd-girl and Cane the hunk. Because of this I didn’t really know how to imagine Megan in my head. She was supposed to be this huge wallflower, but, at the same time, Cane fell for her when he first saw her. Is she supposed to be this highly attractive introvert who just isn’t aware of it herself? (besides her sister telling her that) I just had a hard time envisioning Megan in my mind, but that didn’t take away on me liking her personality!

I’m not trying to say that I think people who are seen as ‘nerds’ aren’t supposed to have handsome partners, not at all! I’m just comparing these characters with the stereotypes I see in other books and films. 

I had a hard time really rooting for their relationship. This lead to me thinking about this book as just “okay”. I didn’t really have the idea that they were meant for each other. Mostly because when the drama started (the drama every romance has so I’m not really spoiling anything) they seemed to have a hard time with it, but also getting over each other very easily …

Onto the positive sides of this story! I found the subject, besides the romance, to be very original. The set is a reality TV show, a competition, so you’ll not only root for the two lovebirds, but also for those you want to win the challenges. In real life I always root for the “nerd” in reality shows, just because I can identify myself with them the most. So, of course, I rooted for Megan. Besides my troubles with envisioning Megan, I loved the fact that the main character of this romance was a real wallflower. Something you don’t often see in romance novels. Megan went through a big personality change throughout the story, from insecure to more confident, and I really liked that aspect!

All in all, this story was a little too mild for me: I kind of missed the steamier scenes and the drama wasn’t like the drama I’m used to in romance novels. But the setting definitely made up for that!

*I received an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

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