Top 5: Reading Spots

2017-09-06 12.43.27

Every bookworm knows that the couch or your favourite chair isn’t the only place one can read a book. There are lots of other reading spots to be found in this world and today I want to share my top 5 reading spots with you!

5. Reading at the cafe

I often see these gorgeous pictures on bookstagram where people enjoy a cappuccino, latte or tea while reading a book. I’ve always wanted to do this myself, but unfortunately I never did. Until yesterday. I went to the Bagels & Beans, sat myself down in a quiet corner, ordered a cappuccino (and maybe a piece of cheesecake) and just … read! Normally I can’t really concentrate while there is noise around, but the humming and clattering in a cafe combined is some kind of white noise that makes it a lovely reading spot. At least, for me it now is. While biking back home I wished I had taken the XL cappuccino so I could’ve stayed a little longer!

(the only downside to this is losing money while reading, because of those XL cappuccino’s …)

2017-09-06 12.51.37

4. Outside

After I finally picked up the motivation to clean our garden, I discovered that I actually really like reading outside. Well, only when the sun isn’t burning my arms, legs and face off, when it isn’t raining or super windy. So, that’s why this spot is my fourth favourite place to read. But if you don’t have a garden, or if yours is a mess like mine was, you could always visit a park and find a nice bench or piece of grass to enjoy your book! You may even spot some other booknerds in the wild!

3. In bed

I know that this reading spot is no. 1 for lots of people, but for me it’s no. 3. I don’t know the exact reason for this, but when I sit or lie down in my bed to read my eyes always think I’m going to sleep. Most times I only manage to read one or two chapters before I’m drifting off to sleep. Unless I have a really thrilling book in my hands, like Stalker by Lars Kepler. Then I love reading in bed, with only a little light to make the reading experience even more … creepily real.

2. The train

While studying Literature in another city than my hometown, I had to travel by train a lot. In the hour I spent on the train I could always catch up on the book I was reading, either for fun or for a seminar. Just like the white noise in the cafe, there’s also a same white noise on the train. Unless you’re unlucky and you’re in the same train compartment as that whining baby …

1. The couch in the living room

I think my all time favourite reading spot is on the couch in our living room. We have this HUGE chaise lounge where you can lose yourself in the big and small pillows. Another plus side is that the kitchen is only a couple of feet away, so I don’t have to do much to get some coffee, tea, or some food. My favourite reading environment is on the couch, covered by a soft blanket, enjoying my coffee and book while listening to the wind blowing the rain at the window.

2017-09-06 13.46.42

What’s your favourite reading spot?

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