Survivor by Victoria Johns || Review


Title: Survivor
Author: Victoria Johns
No. of pages:
Genre: New Adult, Romance
Publication date:
June 20th 2016
Date read: August 9th 2017
4/5 ★


When you’re a woman on the run the last thing you need is a complication.

A complication that can unravel and expose your secrets, one that can undo the new life you’re trying to build.

A complication in the form of an irresistible, tattooed guy, that brings out feelings and emotions that are as frightening as the things you’re running from.

When you’re a guy with a deadly job the last you thing you need is danger landing at your doorstep. Especially when that danger is a beautiful, sexy woman, begging to be protected, with a sack full of troubles hot on her heels.

He felt duty bound to protect her.
She felt obliged to resist.
Together they feel compelled to survive, but can they put it all on the line and expose themselves to have the one thing they want more than anything?
Each other.


Today is the release day of the second book in the Soul Mates series by Victoria Johns, Deserved, but unfortunately I haven’t had the time to read that one yet. So, here’s a review on the first book Survivor, which I really liked!

Survivor started of quite different from what I’m used to! At the start it was actually kind of confusing whom I was reading about and what was happening. Luckily, it soon all became clear and I was off to read a thrilling and steamy New Adult novel!

Since Cara is on the run for something that happened in her past (obviously you don’t know exactly what that is at the start. Is she a criminal, or is she chased by criminals?), you don’t know her real name and that’s why it was kind of confusing at the start. Mainly because the chapters about the male character in this book did have a name above them, but those on Cara didn’t.

Onto the characters: Cara and Jake. I loved Cara as a main character. She was shy, smart, and a real survivor! On the other hand I don’ know if I liked Jake that much. He could be kinda harsh to Cara sometimes only to get her to talk about her feelings or to force her into having sex with him (at least, it felt like ‘forcing’ to me) Cara made clear that she was sad and confused and still Jake didn’t respect that and just kissed her. Personally, I don’t think that’s an okay thing to do … My personal problem with most New Adult novels is that I have the feeling that the passion the main characters feel for each other is mostly sexual/physical. They just can’t handle their bodies when they’re around each other, and to me that’s kind of unrealistic. I miss the New Adults where the characters have a real intellectual/spiritual bond or connection.

To end this review on a positive note: I LOVED the ending. I just couldn’t put the book down while I got one plottwist after the other thrown at me! Overall, Survivor was a really thrilling read which had me on the edge of my seat while reading.

*I received an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

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