Pork Pie Hat by Peter Straub || Review

2017-07-26 21.11.44

Title: Pork Pie Hat
Author: Peter Straub
No. of pages:
Genre: Horror, Coming of age
Publication date:
January 11th 2000
Date read: 26 July 2017
4/5 ★


When a graduate student with a passion for jazz arrived in New York to discover that a legendary saxophonist he had assumed long dead is not only still alive but playing in an East Village club, he spends night after night in awe-struck attendance.

And when the legend grants him an interview on Halloween, he jumps at the opportunity. What unfolds is an endless night filled with an extraordinary story told by a dying master: a story centered upon the Halloween night of his eleventh year, a white woman screaming in a shanty town, a killer and an unidentified man fleeing with a strange bundle in his arms.


This was such a great short story and really brought me into the Autumn and Halloween sphere that I have been looking forward to in the last couple of weeks. Some parts were a bit confusing and maybe even unnecessary to the plot line, but overall it was a great read. There was mystery, there were children inventing stories around what they see but don't yet understand, and there was suspense. All in under 150 pages!

I think I just might reread this story on Halloween, just to get into that spooky spirit (because we don't celebrate Halloween here in the Netherlands *sob*) and to maybe discover details that I haven't seen in my first read. I love that the hints of the solution to the mystery are only given on the very last page, so you can puzzle it all out for yourself. I'm looking forward to reading more stories by Peter Straub!

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