The Nocturnal Reader’s Box (July) || Unboxing

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It’s time for the unboxing July’s The Nocturnal Reader’s Box! The box was, once again, filled to the brim with awesome, and useful, goodies! It’s such a pity that the shipping costs to the Netherlands is so high, otherwise I’d subscribe to this box every month. (Maybe, later, when I’m rich …) Read further to get the details on the goodies that were included in this month’s box!

About The Nocturnal Reader’s Box

Jessica and Vincent are the founders of the Nocturnal Book  Box. We are a Veteran owned company that simply loves everything dark! We decided to create this opportunity for our customers for the  same reason that many other small businesses are started every year, we  wished that something like this existed. Because the book boxes that are  out there currently are ones that involve only Young Adult, we decided  that everyone should be able to get a book box that has a bit of mature  content and items that are not coated in glitter. That’s when we began  sourcing ideas and publishers. We pitched the idea to many of our  friends and family and the response was overwhelmingly positive. We  could not believe that no one had thought of doing this yet. We have  been working tirelessly to curate the perfect items for our boxes, and  made sure that every item that is put into the box is usable. Thank you  for your support and we hope to build a great community around The Nocturnal Reader’s Box.

(From the NRB website: click!)

This month’s box included:

(Click the photo’s for more details!)

  • The Troop inspired pin
  • NOS4A2 bike license plate
  • A funny apron
  • Silence of the Lambs mini stemless wine glass
  • Artwork by @MichaelBroomart called “The Night of the Vampire”
  • A “Jaws” inspired keychain
  • A creepy bookmark (I laughed out loud while reading the description: “Lastly, a delicious scratch-n-sniff bookmark …. just kidding, that’s gross” I actually tried it, before reading the last part. Like the derp I am.)

Aren’t these goodies just AWESOME? I love it how they are actually useable in daily life and they are so lovely minimalistic, perfect! I have to admit that I haven’t read ANY book on which the goodies are inspired, but I definitely plan on doing so (maybe except for watching “Jaws” since I have this sickening fear of open sea and especially sharks … Just, yuck I already get the shivers when thinking about it)

Not to forget: THE BOOKS!

2017-07-18 13.30.252017-07-18 13.30.29

I was one of the lucky ones to receive a signed copy of Bleed by Ed Kurtz with my box, how awesome is that?! I really can’t wait to dive into both books, because both blurbs sound absolutely thrilling.

Bleed by Ed Kurtz

When Walt Blackmore moves into an old gable front house on the outskirts of a small town, things are really looking up for him—he has an adoring girlfriend, a new job, and an altogether bright future. But Walt’s destiny is irreparably changed when a dark red spot appears on the ceiling in the hallway. Bit by bit the spot grows, first into a dripping blood stain and eventually into a grotesque, muttering creature.

As the creature thrives, Walt finds himself more and more interested in fostering its well-being. At first he only feeds it stray animals, but this soon fails to satisfy the monster’s ghastly needs. It is gradually becoming something more, and for that to happen it requires human blood and human flesh. And once Walt has crossed the line from curiosity to murder, there is no going back.

Come to Dust by Bracken MacLeod

Ever since her mother abandoned her, five-year-old Sophie has had to depend on her uncle Mitch for everything. But he’s struggling. Restarting a life interrupted by time in prison is hard enough without having to balance work and single parenthood. Mitch is determined to make it work though, striving to keep their family together despite the obstacles in their way, because no matter how difficult things get, they are good for each other. And life for the two of them seems to be looking up. But when Sophie dies tragically, it all comes crashing down. Mitch descends into a crippling grief, coming to understand how little his freedom means without her to share it with. And though released from the sudden responsibility thrust upon him, all he wants is his niece back, safe and alive.

When he gets his wish and scores of children around the world begin to inexplicably rise from the dead—Sophie among them—everything becomes much harder.

Mitch rescues her from the morgue, determined to carve out a normal life for them no matter what, though it soon becomes clear that may not be possible. While the kids who’ve returned behave like living children, they still look very dead. And they can do something else that normal children cannot. Something terrifying. Beliefs differ whether the children’s return is a mercy or a sign of approaching judgment, and a congregation of religious fanatics determined to usher in the apocalypse has their own plan for salvation.

Now Mitch must find a way to save Sophie from an increasingly hostile world that wants to tear them apart and put her back in the ground for good.

The theme of August is

This month, be prepared for an infestation!

Get ready for the most valuable box yet.

We will, for the first time ever have 3 books, plus items from some of the most talented artists and shops on the web. I promise you that if you miss this box you will be sick.


Beware the dead.

August 2017

I’m so sad that I can’t subscribe to next month’s box, but you still have the chance so SUBSCRIBE NOW!

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