My bookish wishlist


I see so many gorgeous and/or awesome bookish merchandise coming by on instagram lately, that I just had to share with you guys! Here are five things that I’d love to have, but can’t afford at the moment. (I really hope this won’t become a “Oh I’m so poor” whine post, so sorry in advance)

Stephen King Funko Pops

Image result for stephen king funko pop carrie

Image result for stephen king funko pop shining

Normally I’m not that into Funko pops, mainly because I think they’re way too expensive for what you get (not that I have one, so I can’t really make a good judgement). But when I saw these “The Shining” and “Carrie” Funko pops coming by, I thought they were amazing. Because they are! Just look at that frozen Jack Torrance, so awesome! NEED.

Derry shirt

After reading IT by Stephen King I felt I just needed a Derry shirt. After closing the book and having read 1400 pages, I actually really missed the mysterious town that is Derry. This shirt is from Nameless City Apparel, and you can find their instagram over here and their website over here!

Harry Potter Wands

Image result for harry potter wands

I have wanted a wand from the magical wizarding world of Harry Potter for a while now, but never bought them, because when I see the prizes I immediately click away (I’m really economical when it comes to buying expensive stuff, and with expensive I mean everything above the ten euros) They look so beautiful in all the bookstagram posts and it’d make the wizarding world even more real to me!

Hagrid’s pumpkin patch candle

As an Autumn lover I immediately fell in love with this candle when I saw one from another candle company on Jadeion’s instagram story. It promises to bring Autumn right back into your house, with scents of a freshly baked pumpkin pie! The candle pictured in the photo is from FromthePage, you can find their Etsy over here!

Harry Potter 20 years anniversary of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone hardback edition

Image result for harry potter 20 year anniversary

It’s such a pity that I don’t really know what house I’m in. The first time I took the test on Pottermore I got sorted into Slytherin, the next time I took it I got sorted into Gryffindor. Last week I got sorted into Huffelpuff and the very same day I retook the test and I got sorted into Ravenclaw. See my problem? I just want to know what house I belong to, so I don’t have to buy ALL the hardcovers (although I’d really like to, since there’s extra information on the house in every book).

What bookish merch is on your wishlist?

2 thoughts on “My bookish wishlist

  1. I’m obsessed with wanting a Six of Crows bookmark I saw on Etsy but haven’t gotten around to ordering one yet. Also really want that Ravenclaw edition of the Philosopher’s Stone (and one day I want all of them!)

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