My life in 20 questions || Tag


I always want to do more tags on my blog, but somehow I never do it. But then I saw this easy-peasy tag on the blog of Nanouk, Dutch Book Chick, and I thought why not? So here it goes!

1. Favourite colour
All colours that come to mind when you think of the season Autumn! So, colours like burgundy, all brown colours, cozy orange, dark green and so on!

2. Favourite number
Somehow my favourite number has always been the number 7. I don’t know why and I don’t really believe in lucky numbers, but when someone asks me about my favourite number, I say 7. I just think the 7 looks really cool.

3. Dream job?
Professional blogger. Yep. Or anything with books, really.

4. Where do you see yourself living?
Ah, this is a difficult one because on the one side I see myself living in the middle of a city, because after all I like some noises around (but not the annoying neighbours kind of noise …). On the other side I’d like to live as far away from people as possible, in the middle of the woods. Do you see my problem?


5. Favourite way to travel?
By train. Of course I don’t like it when my train is delayed or when there are noisy people on the train, but after all I think I like traveling by train best. You just have so much more space than in a car and you can read, listen to music and somehow I’m just not comfortable traveling by car. And yep, I’m too lazy to say bike.

6. What do you like to do in your free time?
Uhm, read? But okay, besides reading I like to take care of my bunny, do fun stuff with Pieter, blog, do fun stuff with my family and just enjoy life in my own way.

7. Favourite clothing store?
I have to go with Bershka. It’s kind of more adult than H&M, in my honest opinion and it’s not too expensive!

8. What concert do you want to go?
Ed Sheeran. yes.

9. Favourite tea?
Anything spicy!

10. Do you collect things?
Uhm, books? Besides that, not really.

11. I can’t sleep without …
This may sound really dependent, but I sleep best with my boyfriend next to me. On my own I can’t get to sleep that easily and my boyfriend just gives me the comfort I need to be able to fall asleep fast. But besides that, I always try (and manage) to read at least a few chapters before I go to sleep. It’s really calming.


12. If you had 1 million euros for yourself, what would you do with it?
Most people would say that they would give it to charity or help their family out, but, honestly, that wasn’t the first thing that popped up in my mind. Although I don’t really have a wish to buy anything this expensive, I’d probably spend it on a lot of books, a house where I can put all the books and after that I wouldn’t know what to spend it on anymore. So yes, after spending a little of it on my own most of it would still end up with charity, my family and on a savings account!

13. Favourite make-up brand?
Just the house brand of the drugstore around the corner. I’m not really a make-up girl. If I wasn’t so insecure about my face, I’d go without make-up. Everyday. It’s just so much easier! But most day’s I only use concealer to cover up my acne, powder and mascara (and a eyebrow gel to tame my eyebrows …).

14. Favourite snack?
Probably just crisps with a dip or hazelnut chocolate

15. Favourite Season?

16. Sleep with the door open or closed?
When I can see the door from my bed, closed, but otherwise I can’t really be bothered by it.

17. Why did you start blogging?
To share my love for books with the world and to find equallyminded people to talk books with! I just never had any friends to talk to about the books I read and love. So I absolutely love the bookstagram community and the lovely people who read and comment on my blogposts! Hi!! I also love to spread the word on beginning authors who write just as good as bigger and better known authors!

18. Are you subscribed to any magazines?
Nope, I somehow never get around to read whole magazines. I’ve subscribed to so many (or actually my Mum did) in the past, but I ended up with tons of unread ones.

19. What did you do at midnight last night?

20. Favourite perfume?
I don’t wear perfume everyday (I wouldn’t buy perfume myself), but when I wear it it’s probably just the perfume by Zwitsal. Love it!

Please, feel free to do this tag on your own blog and tag me in it, so I can read your answers! Love to get to know you guys more!

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