The Nocturnal Reader’s Box (June) || Unboxing


Last week my first EVER bookbox arrived (well, the first bookbox I bought myself, I’ve won and unboxed a Fairyloot box in 2016) and it was the Nocturnal Reader’s Box. I’ve been dying to get my hands on one, so when Jessica and Vincent announced that the theme of June was going to be “All Hail the King” (dedicated to THE King: Stephen King), I knew I just had to subscribe.

About the Nocturnal Reader’s Box

Jessica and Vincent are the founders of the Nocturnal Book  Box. We are a Veteran owned company that simply loves everything dark! We decided to create this opportunity for our customers for the  same reason that many other small businesses are started every year, we  wished that something like this existed. Because the book boxes that are  out there currently are ones that involve only Young Adult, we decided  that everyone should be able to get a book box that has a bit of mature  content and items that are not coated in glitter. That’s when we began  sourcing ideas and publishers. We pitched the idea to many of our  friends and family and the response was overwhelmingly positive. We  could not believe that no one had thought of doing this yet. We have  been working tirelessly to curate the perfect items for our boxes, and  made sure that every item that is put into the box is usable. Thank you  for your support and we hope to build a great community around The Nocturnal Reader’s Box.

(From the NRB website: click!)

The unboxing

I just knew this box would be filled to the rim with awesome goodies. I’ve followed the Nocturnal Reader’s Box instagram for a while now and everytime I’m in awe of what Jessica and Vincent manage to get together and it all always fits the theme perfectly!

This month’s box included:

(You can click on the photo’s to see more details)

  • A “Derry” magnet
  • An art print by @dansmonsters of “The Long Walk”
  • A bookmark by Jessica featuring Molly aka “The Thing of Evil” (Kings dog)
  • A “Dark Tower” bandana
  • An enamel pin with “Constant Reader” and a “Creepshow” patch
  • Exclusive “Firestarter” tea from the Jasmine Pearl Tea Co.
  • Two stickers of Carrie “They’re all gonna laugh at you” and of IT “Beep Beep”

THESE ARE THE MOST AMAZING GOODIES I’VE EVER SEEN!! I especially love the enamel pin to show off my fandom, the stickers of which the Carrie one is now on my laptop, the tea which I’m dying to try! and the Derry magnet. I’ve always wanted to be able to put magnets on my fridge, but I never had a magnetic fridge when I lived at my parent’s. But now I’m living together with Pieter I have and I’m planning on filling it all up with magnets to make up for the lost time. I’d love to put the patch on my tote bag as well, but I’ve not read Creepshow yet. As soon as I have, I’ll iron it on (I actually don’t know if it’s an iron-on or a sew-on patch, so I have to figure that out). And I’m really looking forward to looking up some hairtutorials that include bandana’s so I can use that one as well!!

And of course: THE BOOKS


This month’s box included the new release Gwendy’s Button Box by Stephen King and Richard Chizmar, with exclusive cover art!! HOW AWESOME IS THAT! The other book is a previous release: Pork Pie Hat by Peter Straub. I’m really looking forward to reading both books!!!

I totally forgot to mention this awesome limited edition coin that goes with Gwendy’s Button Box, which you can see in the photo!

You can read the blurbs of both books down below!

Gwendy’s Button Box by Stephen King and Richard Chizmar

The little town of Castle Rock, Maine has witnessed some strange events and unusual visitors over the years, but there is one story that has never been told… until now.

There are three ways up to Castle View from the town of Castle Rock: Route 117, Pleasant Road, and the Suicide Stairs. Every day in the summer of 1974 twelve-year-old Gwendy Peterson has taken the stairs, which are held by strong (if time-rusted) iron bolts and zig-zag up the cliffside.

At the top of the stairs, Gwendy catches her breath and listens to the shouts of the kids on the playground. From a bit farther away comes the chink of an aluminum bat hitting a baseball as the Senior League kids practice for the Labor Day charity game.

One day, a stranger calls to Gwendy: “Hey, girl. Come on over here for a bit. We ought to palaver, you and me.”

On a bench in the shade sits a man in black jeans, a black coat like for a suit, and a white shirt unbuttoned at the top. On his head is a small neat black hat. The time will come when Gwendy has nightmares about that hat…

Pork Pie Hat by Peter Straub

When a graduate student with a passion for jazz arrived in New York to discover that a legendary saxophonist he had assumed long dead is not only still alive but playing in an East Village club, he spends night after night in awe-struck attendance.

And when the legend grants him an interview on Halloween, he jumps at the opportunity. What unfolds is an endless night filled with an extraordinary story told by a dying master: a story centered upon the Halloween night of his eleventh year, a white woman screaming in a shanty town, a killer and an unidentified man fleeing with a strange bundle in his arms.

The theme of July is “The Feast”:

When the eyes of the beasts are filled with hunger, there is no escaping!

In our box this month, we draw from the darkest depths of horror!

Bring your appetite for

“The Feast”

July 2017

What are you waiting for, go subscribe NOW!

Yesterday I got an email saying that I succesfully paid for July’s box, which I wasn’t exactly planning to do. My own fault, because I forgot to cancel my subscription after purchasing June’s box. But hey, OKAY, now I’ll get the June box as well! *shrugging emoji which I use way too often, because that’s my life: just shrug it all off*

Have you ever subscribed to The Nocturnal Reader’s Box?

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