Bookstagram anniversary!


Somewhere around the 15th of March 2016 I decided to just go with it and start a bookstagram account. I haven’t regretted it or thought about deleting it once! I met so many lovely people through this community and I think my passion for books has grown quite a bit (if that was even possible).


In only a year I managed to achieve a total of 1300+ followers and thanks to them I was able to do and grow in the things I love most: writing my bookreviews, taking photographs and socializing with other booknerds!

Last Saturday was absolutely crazy. The photo above got more than 1400 likes, which is really insane to me (insane in a good way of course hah) I know it’s not about the likes and the amount of followers in the first place, but yes, it’s really motivating you know! I got so many nice comments about this photo! I didn’t expect this to happen when I posted it, not at all.


I think one of the biggest highlights of my year in the bookstagram community was being chosen as a rep for Frostbeard Studio. When I got a message saying that I had been chosen I just couldn’t believe it. I saw the first photo of a bookish candle on tumblr, a LONG time ago. It was a candle by Frostbeard and I was immediately in love with the idea! Because of this it’s even crazier to think that they chose me as one of their first reps. Their scents are abosolute heaven and the candles are really big, so as a candle lover I couldn’t wish for more!


The actual purpose of this post was to thank you all, not only the bookstagram community, but also the lovely readers of my little bloggie, for sharing my love for books and for being so extremely kind. Here’s to many more years! ♥

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