Series and authors I collect


I’ve only started to collect books by certain authors and series in the last two years or so. Before that I mainly read standalones and it didn’t really matter by whom it was written. Ever since I started my bookstagram I really got to know the joys of collecting series and having autobuy-authors. This way I always kind of have a goal in bookshops!

DI Helen Grace series by M.J. Arlidge

The first thing that attracted me to this series were the Dutch titles. They all refer to nursery songs that everybody knows. Nevertheless, the stories in the books are all but sweet and innocent; they’re thrillers with bloodshed and psychopathic murderers. YAY! I love it.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

I think every Harry Potter fan wants to have all the books on his or her shelves. These include the HP series, of course, but also the books based on the magical world where Harry Potter takes place, like The Tales of Beedle the Bard. And luckily, Rowling keeps on writing more stories and (screen)plays, so the collecting will never really be over (I HOPE).

Nicci French

I used to be so intrigued by the covers of the Dutch editions of the books by Nicci French; they have these statues on them which are kind of faded, but still show a lot of emotions (mostly sad and melancholic). I never read them though, because I was too young. So I was very happy when I got my first Nicci French book from a moving neighbour. I loved it. The first one I read was The Safe House and it … made me cry. Out loud.

Stephen King

My love for the King started with either Under the Dome or Full Dark, No Stars (or Misery, I can’t remember). Either way, I LOVED his stories. I remember not being able to sleep after reading 1922; it was just so very gruesome (and now I just want to reread it). I like how Kings horror stories are not your average horror stories with teenagers who are slightly too stupid to think for themselves. Never do I think the things I think while watching films like Scary Movie or just another horror movie where someone is possessed (love it though) (like, would you really go down those dark creepy stairs that has MURDER written all over it. No). Okay back to King: I now own *counts* twelve books by him of which I have read eight and a half (Full Dark, No Stars not included)(I’m still reading The Gunslinger due to uni work).

Penguin books

I think almost everyone who has a decent amount of books on his or her shelves owns at least one book by Penguin Books, a British publishing house. They mainly publish (modern) classics, but also contemporaries. And they publish these in all kinds of series, like the famous orange covers, or the Penguin English Library, or the black versions of the early classics, or the white version of the modern classics. You name it. And I just want to have them ALL.

Do you have an autobuy author?

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