Just Listen by D. Breeze || Review


Today is the release day of Just Listen by D. Breeze and I got asked to read and review this book. It’s a romance that evolves around mental health and I, personally, think that’s an issue that doesn’t get enough attention in romantic stories.


Depression is just a word.
It means less to me than it does to you and I’m the one who’s living it.
I live. I love. I laugh.
And you’ll believe all my lies.
Because she does too.

The world is a stranger.
But everyone thinks they know me.
My body has all the answers.
But my mind can’t understand them.
I’m drowning everyday.
But I never go near water.
The air in my lungs is toxic.
But I’m breathing all the time.

You’ll think you understand.
But how can you?
(source: Goodreads)


So, I’m afraid I’ll get a little personal here. This story evolves around depression and that’s something I have personal experience with. And I think that people often don’t dare to speak up for what they’ve dealt with or what they’re STILL dealing with. Just because of what people might think of them. But it’s SO important to share your experiences. Not only for yourself, but for the ones reading your story as well.

Okay, back to the actual book.

I absolutely loved the writing style of D. Breeze: it’s like she (in her foreword) and the characters are directly talking to you, the reader. They take you with them on their journey, which is quite a heavy one. They try to tell you how they feel, and that can be hard to understand for some. This story deals with the ultimate drama: Jack is depressed and occasionally needs some days to himself. But, because he thinks he’s only a drag to the people around him, he just disappears. And then there’s Devin, a girl who’s been hurt a lot by her ex (a massive cheater), so she has a hard time trusting Jack. And him disappearing all of a sudden doesn’t really help that much.

But all in all, this story went a little too fast in my opinion. Sometimes whole months went by without me even really noticing it. And the ending was a bit too abrupt. It just … ended. A lot of things happened and suddenly … there weren’t any pages left! When I put the book away after finishing it, I though there could’ve been a lot more to this story. Besides some recognizable parts, I didn’t really feel it (except for one part that brought me to tears from recognition). Nevertheless, it was an important book to read, even if you don’t recognize it, because there really are people out there who are just like Jack. And I think it’s important to know that you can’t fix a broken person, no matter how much you love them. They really have to fix themselves. But of course, a little support and trust every now and then can be really helpful.

3.75/4 ★

*I received an ebook copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

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