My 2016 as a Reader


A while ago I posted a little blogpost about my Reading Journal and the way I’m used to keep mine. I think keeping a reading journal gives you a more orderly view on what and how much you read than Goodreads. For example: not all the books I read can be found on Goodreads, and most books have different editions, with different pagecounts. A reading journal just makes your reading experience a little more personal! But I’m digressing … This post is dedicated to give you a quick overview of my 2016 in books and pages!

Average page count per month: About 1725 pages
Average number of books per month: 6.5 books
Month with the least number of books: January
Month with the least number of pages: April

I think it’s funny to see that I read only three books in January, but that the number of pages read is the lowest in the month of April. I started 2016 with reading Stalker by Lars Kepler. A book that has a total of 603 pages. So, that was a good start I guess! For uni I have to read a lot of books, but most books don’t count more than 200 pages. That explains the total of only 900+ pages read in April …

2016 was the year I really found my passion for books back through studying literature, but mostly through my blog and bookstagram! I started my account in March and talking with the other bookstagrammers over there motivated me to binge read books instead of binge watch shows on Netflix. I got recommended so many lovely books!

I already posted my Bookish New Year’s Resolutions for 2017, but overall I hope that I will increase my page count per month, and that I’ll read more big books than I did in 2016!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! ❤ May 2017 bring you a lot of love, health, joy and big books!

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