Christmas presents for the bookworm


CHRISTMAS IS COMING! And although I don’t celebrate it with presents that much, we celebrate Sinterklaas over here in the Netherlands, with presents. Also, it’s my birthday in less than a month, so December certainly is a time that I have to think about what I’d like to have as a gift. Here are some of the things I’d ask for!

1. Harry Potter books (illustrated editions)

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Illustrated Edition       Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - Illustrated Edition

Instagram is definitely the place to keep up to date. At least, it is for me! I get inspired by all the lovely photo’s and recommendations whether to buy a book or not. And since this edition of the Harry Potter book is a little too expensive to buy myself, I ask for it as a Christmas/birthday present! (€25 – €30)

2. A Bookish Box!

On Instagram (yes, again. I spend most of my time on this social medium) I’m currently following a couple of bookish box accounts like Owlcrate & Fairyloot! Especially the last one has been on my dream to-buy list for a long time now. But yeah, my wallet won’t let me buy it. So, what’s a better occasion to ask for a bookish box than Christmas or your birthday? (about $30 – $35 per box + shipping)

3. Bookish Candle

The Shire soy candle front view
Oh how I love scented candles! It’s such a pity that my boyfriend doesn’t really like them, otherwise I would be burning some bookish smelling candles 24/7! Like this candle with an ‘old books’ scent or with the smell of The Shire by Frostbeard Studio! ($18)

4. A Bookish Mug

I read past my bedtime. Mug   I'd Rather Be Reading - Inverted Mug

In the Fairyloot box of November I got a bookish mug that said “Queen of books” (You can find more about the unboxing over here!) and now I just want to have them all! Like these simple ones, designed by Bookwormboutique! ($15)

5. Funko Pops!

Merchandising HARRY POTTER - Bobble Head POP N° 14 - Luna Lovegood

I have the idea that the only thing really missing on my bookshelves are some nice funko’s. I’ve seen a LOT of them on instagram and they are just so cute! I’d love to have some of the Harry Potter funko’s, like Luna Lovegood! (€15 – €35)

What bookish items are on your wish list?

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