Art for Kids: Drawing by Kathryn Temple


Besides reading, one of my favourite hobbies is drawing. So it’s really a shame I don’t do it that often anymore. When I was a little kid I always lent a lot of ‘how-to-draw’ books in the library and with them I could entertain myself the whole weekend. One of my all time favourite drawing books is Art for Kids: Drawing by Kathryn Temple. Whenever this book was available, I lent it! And now, after lots and lots of years, I finally have it in my possession!


Although it’s a kid’s book, I think adults can learn a lot from this book too! The book starts off with just a lot of scribbling exercises to loosen your hands and to let you get to know the paper, pencils and the objects you’re drawing. Also, these exercises are there you let you know that your drawings don’t have to be perfect. All they have to be is … yours! Every person’s drawingstyle is unique and you just have to discover it if you haven’t already!

Gradually you’ll come to the chapters where you learn the different shading techniques and how to recognize the circles (and other simple forms), which you normally wouldn’t see, in objects. It’s really funny to see how you can draw the most beautiful things, when you start with only a couple of ‘random’ circles! Can’t wait to dive back into the book with my pencil and my little drawing pad I got from Søstrene Grene at the ready!

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