Things I hear as a Literature student


Ever since I started studying literature, I get to hear people’s opinion about books, reading and literature way more often. Some of those I absolutely understand, but then again I can’t really be bothered by them. Because you know, besides being a person who studies literature, I’m also a person who doesn’t always want to read the heavy stuff. Sometimes I just want to get away from this world with simply the first book in reach.

1. “So what do you actually do when studying literature?”
Well, I read obviously. But beside that we also discuss the books we read in class. We discuss almost everything that could be discussed. Studying literature means discussing about minorities, global warming, what the future could look like, what the past looked like and with that learning from our mistakes. Everything really. I also get the question “So you study literature. Do you read a lot then?” a lot. And the answer is very simple: yes. Yes I read a lot, since this thing called literature is a concept that starts with things that could be read.

2. “If you study literature, why are you reading this non-literature (aka. bad) book?”
Because I already read enough literature for college. Now I just want to relax without thinking to much! To me, literature is so much more than just pretty words and sentences on paper. It’s also the worlds which are described inside the books. With books you can escape this world, travel to another world with other norms and values from which you can learn. Broaden your own world actually.
Of course, I won’t ever call the books by Stephen King literature, sorry. But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy reading them!

3. “You haven’t read this classic?! But you study literature?!!”
Yes, you got that right smarty! Here you have a list with all the classics that I have read (a lot), ask about them! Then again, there are so many (SO MANY) books that I want to read in my life and no, not all of them fall under the ‘literature’ category. I absolutely love reading literature, but I also love to read thrillers, horror, fantasy and contemporary books. You know what they say: “So many books, and so little time”.

Ok, I’ve ranted enough for today.

Do you study? If so, what’s a typical question you often get? 

2 thoughts on “Things I hear as a Literature student

  1. For linguistics everyone gets the question: How many languages do you speak?

    I do answer with a number, but also mention that at linguistics we don’t learn any languages :p


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