Bookish confessions


I think it’s time for me to confess about some things, other avid readers wouldn’t approve of. Yes, I love my books with all my heart, but there just are some things I couldn’t care less about when it comes to my books and reading them.

Breaking the spines

Of course, books without a broken spine look better, but in my opinion they also look like they haven’t been read. Or loved for that matter. When I’m sitting on the couch, I want to be comfortable while reading and that’s almost impossible if you can open your book for only a couple of centimeters, because you don’t want to break the spine. While I’m reading I don’t want to be distracted by ‘not breaking the spine’, I want to devour the story.

Now it’s not like I deliberately break all my bookspines, not at all. I’m very happy when it doesn’t happen, but when it happens, you won’t see me buying another copy because of that.

Dog-ears and underlining

When I have to read a book for college and there are no tabs whatsoever nearby, I won’t think twice about dog-earing the pages of the book I’m reading. And while I’m at it, I also underline the important things on that page. Okay, the plusside: I won’t ever underline with ballpoint or other inky things that you can’t erase, so that’s a good thing right?

My bunny

Above you can see the first book that fell prey to my tiny bunnyman. I had this one on the bottom shelf of my bookcase and since my bunny is allowed to run freely through the room, he one time jumped in my bookcase and started gnawing on my books. No, I didn’t like it, but it happened! Nothing to do about it (but of course I moved my books, so Mellon couldn’t destroy them anymore) And since I don’t have that much money to buy two copies of the same book, only because of this, I didn’t. Let’s be honest, I can still read the story and that’s what books are about right?

Different editions in the same series &
Not reading the first book in a series

I have multiple books by the same author (like Murakami and Orwell), but they are not from the same edition. And in that way I also have a couple of series that don’t match. Where other booklovers would freak out when their books in a series don’t match, I don’t. So my bookshelves could be a right mess to others, but I love them!

I also have this weird habit of not buying and reading the first book in a series. Most of the time this works fine for me, but when it came to reading the Hannibal series it didn’t. First I bought Hannibal in the thriftstore, because I thought “hey, this series is about Hannibal the kannibal, so this book MUST be the first one!” I was wrong, it was the third. But I only became aware of that fact after reading half of the book. I didn’t understand a thing that happened and it was not like the tv series “Hannibal” at all! So I went back to the thriftstore and bought The Silence of the Lambs because I was convinced that that just HAD to be the first book then. Nope, again, it wasn’t and I didn’t even try reading it this time! Now I have to wait and look for the first book Red Dragon to appear in the thriftstore one day, but I’m totally at peace with that. Even if it’s a total different edition from the ones I already have on my shelf.

What are some of your bookish confessions? Do yours look a little like mine?

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