What’s in my bag #2


Since uni has started again, I thought a lot about doing another ‘what’s in my bag’ post! (I already had an earlier one, but only in Dutch) And today I have one for you! In this post I’ll show you what I hide in the depths of my bag.



Wherever I go, I always have at least one book in my bag (except for when I’m doing groceries). Just in case. You never know when boredom hits ya.

But since I study literature, reading has also become homework. So most of the times I’m carrying two books or more, which my back doesn’t like as much as I do. One of the books is my leisure read and the others are for college. At the moment I’m reading A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas for fun, and I’m absolutely LOVING it!

College stuff


Of course we do more than just read books at uni, we also discuss them! In class I take notes on my laptop, which I came to prefer to handwritten notes. I know you’ll remember more of your notes when you write them, but I noticed that I couldn’t get as much down on paper as when I typed them! (even more to revise yay!)

Besides my laptop I need my course guide and planner to keep me from forgetting homework! At the moment I’m only following one course, since I’m also writing my bachelor thesis on Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. This course is called “Other worlds” (Andere Werelden in Dutch) and it’s about the other worlds we go through while reading, like the animal world, outerspace and fairy tales.



(I don’t know if mingle-mangle is the right word for this, but yeah, blame google translate). The front pocket of my bag is filled with anything and everything. I totally freak out if I don’t have my passport and wallet with me. What will I do if I get cravings for a cappuccino?! The horror.

I’ll also need my lights for my bike, because I have this scrap-iron bike where all the lights fell off. So, if I don’t want to ruin my bike (and myself) even further, I’ll definitely need these.

And last but not least: my deodorant and my earpods. I think the reasons for those are obvious.

Now you’ve seen what I carry around with me on a normal day in uni. 
Does the inside of your bag look a little like mine?

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