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Hi there! Today I’ll be posting in English, since I’m doing a booktag that’s international. I was tagged on instagram by the lovely creator of this tag @locoforbooks (you can find the original post on her blog). The tag is all about board games and books and if you’re curious, don’t hesitate and feel free to read more! 

1. Jenga(since it’s not very stable and falls over) – a book that made you emotionally unstable
One book that hit me right in the feels was Safe House by Nicci French. Wow, it just made me think about my own relationship with my boyfriend and what it would feel like if I’d lose him. Well, I can tell you: I’d be devastated and cry a lot, just like I did while reading this book.

2. UNO(a friendship breaker aka bye friends) – a book that you love, but your friends hate aka bye friends
Well, I think most of my friends haven’t even read Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James, but I know that if they would, they would hate it. I know of some who hate it, because it’s about an ‘abusive relationship’ (and it IS), but I still love it, because it’s fricking FICTION. Just like Lolita is ficiton. I know that there are cases where it’s not fiction anymore and where it’s actually happening in real life, but in the book, it’s just fiction.

3. Candy Land(candy!!)- a book that made you gave for something sweet or a book with the most delicious cover
You might think I’m crazy that Thinner by Stephen King made me crave for something sweet, but it actually did. It’s about a man who’s been cursed by a gypsy man and I don’t really know anymore how it did end exactly, but there was something with a cake somewhere. Now, the crazy part was that that cake was poisoned or something like that. So why would it make me crave for something sweet? Well, because I like cake.

4. Around the World in 80 Days(it’s all about the travelling) – a book that made you want to reach for your passport and travel the world
Now, On the Road by Jack Kerouac isn’t all about a happy man who travels through the United States, but it made me want to grab my passport and just travel. I’d love to go on a road trip with my boyfriend someday. Without a plan (or just not that much planning) and just GO!


5. Guess Who(lots of different identities and you have no idea who is who) – a book that had too many POVs and confused you
Everything is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer was a book that confused me a lot when I first read it. There’s a part that takes place in the present and a part that takes place in a fictional past. There were also a lot of characters and at some point I was so confused about who was talking and who was who and in what time we were! (Nevertheless, the book is really wonderful!)

6. Boom Boom Balloon(will the balloon pop? So much tension) – a book you were afraid to continue reading, because the tension was too much
I started reading Stalker by Lars Kepler when I was home alone, in the dark, at night. And this book is about a stalker who killed women in a gruesome way. Yeah, I was superscared, but I actually didn’t stop reading, because the tension just made me read further.

7. Circus(it’s a classic board game) – a classic
I had to read Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen for college and I really liked it! It’s about a girl who reads to many books, and begins to see things that aren’t there because of it. Hey, that sounds just like me!

8. Clue(feeling like a detective) – a book full of mystery
I kind of have a weakness for detectives (books or series, it doesn’t matter!) and I really liked reading some of P.D. James’s detectives. I especially love the detectives that are set in small villages in England!


9. Cards Against Humanity(it’s a weird game and slightly offensive)  a book that is an “abomination” , but you still like it
Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov kind of speaks for itself, doesn’t it? I think everybody has heard of this book at some point in their lives. For those who don’t: it’s about a full grown man who’s ‘in love’ with a 12-year old. But I still love it, because it’s so beautifully written and I could talk for days on end about it!

10. Yahtzee(I don’t understand this game) – a book that confused you (e.g. the plot, the story, the characters)
Again, Everything is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer. It was just so confusing!

11. Monopoly(you have to collect the property and money) – complete book series you own or the most expensive book on your shelf
For my 21st birthday I got both the complete series of Harry Potter and Game of Thrones! I remember looking for them in online bookstores, but eventually I didn’t buy them, because, well, they were way too expensive for me!


Yesterday evening I started reading Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon. It’s such an easy read, but that doesn’t make it less wonderful to read! I’m already 100+ pages in so I think you can expect a review of it really soon!

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